Baa Bahoo Aur Baby - Season 2

Baa, Bahu aur Baby is entering its new season. There are points that which we have to look forward in the coming season: The whole Thakkar house has been renovated which modern yet traditional equipments. The whole family has contributed something or other to make it their own house. We are showing the entry of 2 new important characters:
Taima (Dolly Minas): A very stylish lady who helps Baby to settle in her new house after marriage. Anirudh: A very soft spoken blind person who helps Baby when her relation with Birju gets weird. 
Baby gets finally married to Birju and we show how she lives her life after marriage. A very pampered girl in Thakkar house is suddenly thrown in the new world after marriage. On the other end we have Gattu whom the children have started disliking as he interferes in all there matters. A cute love story of Arvind and Leela's son Jigar with a beautiful girl called Rimzim. A new women entering in Pravin life who will be his second wife.


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