Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot

Concept :
In the small town of Jamnagar, live the Raja family, the former owners of the famous Raja Dairy Farm. Ruled with an iron fist by the indomitable Bakula bua, the Raja family is a patchwork of craziness. 
Bakula’s brother Vinaykant is fairly out of touch with reality and still behaves as if the family is still in its formerly glorious circumstances and his wife Rekha is a compulsive liar. Neither their sons Chandu and Shyam, nor their wivesMadhuri and Rupal are of any use to take care of whatever little the family has left. Bakula’s only hope is her youngest nephew Mohit.
Mohit sees all his family’s flaws and knows that they have lost everything because of their own ineptitude and arrogance, which makes him very angry at them and very determines to get back what was once theirs. Bakula is very proud of his ambition, but unfortunately he has fallen in love with a girl who is highly inappropriate in her eyes. Damini, a city girl who is the only daughter of a single mother, is highly independent and works as a flight attendant. Bakula knows that she will never fit in with her family – or her own ideas of what a daughter in law should be like.
When Mohit introduces Damini to the family, it doesn’t go very well. And once the family inadvertently insults Damini’smother, she too realises that she will never fit in with Mohit’sfamily and nor is it right for Mohit to leave his family. Mohitis extremely upset and on in impulse, without telling his family, marries Dhabbu and presents his family with their idea of a “perfect daughter in law”. The family is shocked – Dhabbu is not educated, coming from a poor family and known to be somewhat weird and not the sharpest tool in the shed.
Mohit too realises his mistake immediately, but since Dhabbuhas nowhere else to go, the family has no choice but to take her in. Dhabbu’s innocence and open heart is overshadowed by her own quirks – she has entire conversations with inanimate objects, her dumbness drives everyone up the wall.
One day, Bakula bua doesn’t wake up – she’s gone. She finds herself in what can only be described as Limbo – neither heaven, nor hell but a government office type place where souls find out whether they go to Swarg or Nark. Bakula is frantic – she has not made a will and the family has no idea about her insurance policy and who the beneficiaries are or where she has kept her solid gold murti of Krishna and his silver mandir. Shunted from one counter to another, Bakulafinally meets another soul and learns that she can appear to any person on earth who loved and cared about her and she can inform them of what to do with her worldly possessions.
Bakula is heartened to hear this – her family loved her and she’d easily be able to appear to them. However, once she comes back to earth to complete her mission she is in for a shock! Her beloved brother, whom she cared for like a son, has declared that none of the ceremonies that follow the death of a family member will be performed. He is so relieved that his sister is dead! Stunned, Bakula looks to her other family members and sees the same thing – her room has been cleaned out, and it’s as if her presence from the family home is being erased. No one is mourning, grieving her loss. 
Just as she’s about to give up, she sees Dhabbu outside doing some sort of little pooja with her photograph and saying that whatever Bakula was as a person, at least some small prayer should be done for her soul. Bakula blurts out that of all the people in her life, it’s THIS dumb girl who has some consideration for her?!? Dhabbu hears this and feels it’s Bakula’s picture talking to her and replies. That’s when Bakula realises that this girl is her only hope. 
Thus begins Bakula and Dhabbu’s journey together. Will Bakula succeed in teaching her ungrateful family a lesson or will she be the one to learn that a little tolerance and kindness goes a long way?
Being two sides of the same coin, Bakula and Dhabbu become the proverbial odd couple that comes together to drive the dysfunctional vehicle of the Raja parivaar. But two polar opposites at one steering wheel? One supposedly daft and the other definitely dead! Will they steer the family to the road of happiness and contentment? Or will they crash into the abyss of despair? 
The answers to these questions and the journey to realize these answers is the central idea of our show 'BAKULA BUA KAA BHOOT' 

Cast :

Sarita Joshi as Bakula Bua

Deepak Pareekh as Vinaykant Raje

Apara Mehta as Rekha Raje

Amit Soni as Shyam

Tulika Patel as Rupal

Rahul Rawal as Aditya

Dheeraj Rai as Chandrakant

Ragini Rishi as Madhuri

Aryamna Sheth as Mohit

Muskan Bamne as Dhabbu

Amit Verma as Krishna

Rajshekhar Chandran as Yamraj

Abram Pandey as Naradmui

Lucky Mehta as Niyatidevi 

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