Batliwala House No. 43

The sodabatliwala's as we might know the chat hosts are a wonderful dysfunctional Parsi family. Their dysfunctionality has nothing to do with their origins or their cultural background, because we firmly believe that almost all average just about upper middle class families are dysfunctional. Since their blue eyed boy Shahrukh believes, that like Shahrukh khan, he too can make it big in the Hindi cinema after making it big on TV, his family has decided to set up a chat show right inside their house. Therefore the whole family runs their confectionary business during the day and holds the chat show during the night. 
Shahrukh becomes the main chat host and his family i.e. his mother, father and grandmother become the secondary hosts. However the secondary hosts do most of the chatting. The area of chatting NEVER aims to be general or intimidating or controversial and almost always focuses on quirky, little known things about the celebrity. Several times the guest seems to feel that it is actually they who are the hosts and the family is the guest because the family insists on talking about their life. 
In this sense we can safely say that the celebrity is a guest at a completely amateurish chat, where the host are always in awe of the celebrity and are completely doe eyed! 
The chat show may suddenly convert into a sitcom when and if the family starts washing its dirty linen in front of the celebrity to play their agony aunt / uncle. The show is a cross between a chat show and a sitcom and delves into the micro idiosyncrasies of the guest and the hosts. It's a fun ride where everyone is constantly exchanging places and having a great time. At no ones expense. This chat show is a licensed adaptation of the British series, "THE KUMAR'S AT 42 ND".

Cast :

Bhakhtyar Irani
Tanaz Irani

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