Bh Se Bhade

Bhade, in a way, is a true philanthropist as he takes people's problems on himself without even thinking twice. It's this quality of his that makes him adorable. The show highlights in a comical way the selflessness of this kind-hearted man who lives for others in a time and age when everyone is busy living only for themselves. Bhade, as he is fondly called, is 55 years old and does not only listen to your problem but also takes it upon himself. Whatever be the nature of the problem - self-esteem issues, bad habits, or physical troubles - he takes it on himself out of his sheer noble disposition without pondering much about the consequences or impact it might have on his own life or family. This usually leads to some troublesome, some hilarious situations in his personal life and work space. His good nature, empathy for fellow human beings will relay a positive and healthy message to the audiences without being preachy.
A man who is kind hearted, sensitive, selfless, lovable and as common as you, with a unique ability to take away your pain, and even more unique family members is sure to soon become a household name. When not tackling other's problems, Bhade (Deven Bhojani) lives peacefully with his dear wife Sushma (Sucheta Trivedi), his mother-in-law (Sarita Joshi) with whom he's always at loggerheads, his son Sunil (Varun Khandelwal) and his daughter-in-law Menka (Bhavna Vyas). The family also includes Menka's brother Chunky (Dushyant Wagh) who always spells trouble for her husband. Sunil and Menka have an over-smart son, Birbal (Vedant Dattani). Bhade works as an Insurance agent in a company where his boss, Bhimsen Ganguly (Atul Parchure) is a foodie and relies on Bhade to bail him out of trouble all the time. Despite the knotty situations that Bhade takes on himself every time, his family supports and loves him unconditionally. 
Every Problems, complications, dilemmas are the words that best describe a life of a common man today. Imagine, if you had someone around who could take away your worries for a while and gave you time to sort out your life. Mr Bhade is blessed with a unique ability - that of taking away the problems of others for a brief period. While he is a boon for those in stress around him, the situation usually turns into a bane for his wife and his family. The result of all the difficulties that Bhade faces is a comedy of errors that is sure to leave the viewers tickled pink. 
Laughter can strengthen your immune system and reduce your risk of heart disease. Its not just good for our bodies - it can also strengthen our bond with other people, make work-life interesting and increase our sense of self-worth. To trigger your laughter hormones and deepen your laugh lines, Turning your weekends into a laughter riot, Bh Se Bhade brings in a for its viewers to live life in full stride. 

Cast : 

Deven Bhojani as Bhade
Suchita Trivedi as Sushma Bhade
Varun Khandelwal as Sunil Bhade
Bhavna Khatri as Menka Bhade
Sarita Joshi as Nani
Atul Pachure as Boss 

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