Times change. But some people don’t. And maybe they are right. Or are they?

Bhakharwadi is the story of the Gokhale family that runs a 100 year old sweet and namkeen shop in Pune. The shop reflects the values of the head of the family , Balkrishna Gokhale aka Anna. Quality tradition and culture. Anna has never and will never compromise on his values and believes that a good life is not necessarily a life of luxury. His definition of happiness is living together in harmony, eating at least one meal together with his large family and leading a peaceful restful harmonious life. His son Abhishek, the apple of his eye, secretly thinks otherwise. He knows that although his fathers values are justified, the times do not reflect his ideology. And if Anna refuses to bend ,there are chances that he might break. Pronto...... right in the neighbourhood walks in a Gujarati family . Mahendrabhai Joshi his wife Urmila and their daughter Gayatri. Mahendrabhai firmly believes in marketing. Sell what the world wants and flourish. That’s his mantra. But Gayatri is of the belief that true happiness lies in contentment and purity of life. And when the Gokhale ideology clashes with the mahendrabhai ideology, all hell breaks loose. Sparks also fly between Abhishek and Gayatri in the romantic sense. And as dramatically funny luck would have it, Gayatri agrees with Anna but Abhishek agrees with Mahendra. Ironically the lovers are born in the wrong families! And at a point the story escalates  to a point where they’re forced to live with the opposite family. Gayatri with the Gokhale family and Abhishek with Mahendra and Urmila. The battle of wits and the war of feuding lovers makes this battlefield a feast for the senses. Bakarwadi vs bhakharwadi is a metaphor to opposing ideologies; narrated in a tongue in cheek manner, this show reflects the invasion of modern tastes over the cult authenticity of tradition. Who wins over whom? That is where the conflict ping pongs as the pacy and racy narrative moves forward. 

Cast : 
Anna    : Deven Bhojani 
Jyotsna : Smita Sarvade
Prabhakar : Jayesh more
Bharati : Tejal Adivarekar
Amol : Khanjan Thumber
Keshav : Krunal Pandit
Nirmti : Tara Pednekar
Abhishek : Akshay Kelkar  

Mahendrabhai : Paresh Ganatra
Urmila ben : Bhakti Rathod
Gayatri :  Akshita Mudgal 

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