Bure Bhi Hum Bhale Bhi Hum

Concept :

‘Burey Bhi Hum, Bhaley Bhi Hum’ is a light hearted drama revolving around a well-to-do Gujarati family of Baroda. Noted jeweller Ambalal Popat is the eccentric and gregarious patriarch of the family, and his two sons Mansukh and Bhalchandra aka Bhalu are two opposite sides of a coin… Burey and Bhaley! Mansukh’s side of the family is cunning, greedy and forever plotting to keep Bhalu and his family under its thumb. Bhalu, his wife Sushila, son Jai and daughter Hetal are all noble, kind souls who are too naïve to understand the tricks played upon them. But as there is divine justice in life, the simpleton Bhalu’s philosophy of ‘Achhe logon ke saath achha hota hai aur burey logo ke saath bura hota hai!’ is proven true time and again.
The story begins with Hetal’s engagement. Mansukh’s wife Rasila and daughter-in-law Jyotika are worried about losing their unpaid servant, if this hard working girl goes away. They plot to retain Hetal with them, and break up her engagement without giving a hint to the other side of the family. Apparently they are the people who take care of the broken hearted girl, while secretly Mansukh’s son Kaivalya makes another plan to de-fraud his own grandfather of a large sum on money. As luck has it, his plan fails… but destiny now beckons some one to come to the rescue of the good people. A girl Krishna enters the family as Bhalu’s daughter-in-law and Jai’s wife. For the first time, the Burey people meet an adversary who is smart enough to match their every plan and the story takes a major twist. But Krishna has a greater agenda – she is not out to defeat the Burey side of the family, but to convert them to being Bhaley. Her noble mission continues, leading to some moments of fun and some of great emotions…

Cast :

Firoz Irani as Girdharilal
Ashiesh Roy as Mansukh
Harshada Khanvilkar as Rasila
Manoj Goyal as Bhallu
Priti Joshi as Sushila
Sheeyal Thakkar as Jyotika
Mithil Jain as Gaurang
Shruit Bapna as Hetal
Prasad Barve as Barkya
Pratima T as Jasoda Fai
Mehul Buch as Suraj
Sharman as Babli 


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