Janani – Concept Note
When children are young, parents care for them and do everything they can to give them a good life. The circle of life, however, means that one day, it is the children’s turn to care for their parents and give them a good life. But does it always work out that way?
Our story is of one such mother. Savita’s life throws her a curve ball when she is unexpectedly widowed. Raised by her parents to just care for the home and be dependent on the man in her life, she is left adrift. Her sons are now grown up and living their own lives, having their own problems. They do not wish to take on her responsibility. Having sacrificed everything for their children, Savita’s husband Brijmohan has not left anything for her to fend for herself. He believed in investing in his children, and now they are unwilling to look after her. But someone has to care for her. Her sons come to a “novel solution” - Savita will spend two months at each of her sons' homes.
Thus begins her journey. A woman who has never left Lucknow, will now travel to Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Delhi. Apart from the cultural shock she experiences, at a time in her life she never thought she would, she also now learns the true nature of her sons, their life partners and their relationships. As her world expands, she meets various characters who will impact her life in different ways.
Savita realises that she needs to change. She decides that in the journey of her life, she has been a passenger for long enough. And thus, she will set out to create a new reality for herself, learning to be independent, taking charge of her own life, and finding herself along the way.
Cast                            Character
Mahesh Thakur           Brijmohan
Supriya Pilgaonkar      Savita
Amit Dolawat               Ravi
Tulika Patel                 Payal
Hiya Nilesh Bhatt        Sonali
Ritvik Choudhary        DevyRaj
Manas Shah               Deven
Sushmita Banik          Minoli
Subhaan Khan           Anirudh
Jay Zaveri                  Amit
Lucky Mehta              Chanchal
Swati Soni                  Shreni
Pari Mistry                  Shweta
Advait Kottary             Anand
Tarjanee Bhadla          Shruti


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