Khichdi -Season 3

Concept :


Khichdi is essentially the story of a bunch of mad cap characters related to each other and living under the same roof, making the life of whoever interacts with them miserable to the highest possible degree.


In this season we shall see that they are all living under the same roof but there is one difference, this time there’s no roof. It so happens that the Khichdi family gives their age old mansion for redevelopment and the builder on the behalf of the Khichdi family sells a lot of apartments in this so called upcoming tower with 16-20-storeys having a swimming pool, a gym and a proposed crematorium close by.


A lot of people invest in the apartments and th e builder conveniently starts work and then runs away with all the money leaving behind the Khichdi family in a “quandary“. Now the Khichdi family lives in a half- finished house on the ground floor with no walls or ceiling but cement pillars and beams jutting  out on the top of their house. 


They are faced with law suits and death threats and face a different kind of problem this time. But the Parekh’s are Parekh’s and  somehow they manage to counter their difficulties and effortlessly transfer them to others , the way they usually do.


Every week we shall be having one story/ stories. If it’s one story than it shall start on a Saturday and culminate on Sunday. There shall be a dichotomy story telling element to it wherein both the episodes will be connected and yet they will be individual plots on their own connected by a common thread. The craziness will be the same, the madness will be the same, their behavior will be the same, the difficulties will be greater and hence, the trauma that the others face at the hands of the Parekh family will be far greater . resulting in an expected mirthquake

Cast :

Babuji      : Anand Desai
Praful       : Rajiv Mehta
Hansa      : Supriya Pathak
Jayshree  : Vandana Pathak
Himanshu : Jmanadas Majethia (JD)
Jacky       : Agastya Kapadia
Chakki     : Misri Majethia

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