The moment we here this term a host of characters pop up in our minds. Scheming Sisters-in-law, stuck up Mother-in-law, clumsy servants, teary eyed Grandparents and assorted youngsters. KHICHDI is also one such joint family. However, this family has one thing that makes it distinct. This family is funny. They laugh and make others laugh. This does not mean that they are bumbling idiots who scream shout and scamper like nitwits to create humor. 
They are real people with real problems and real idiosyncrasies. This is a funny bunch of people that is firmly united in their movement to get separated. They want to sell off their ancestral property and move out and form their own nuclear families. But their head doesn't agree. He give them the choice to walk out, but on their own steam and nobody is ready to let go of such prime property. So they stay together and wait for the 'head' to change his mind or stop breathing whichever happens first. And this is where our upwardly mobile middle class joint family faces its trails and tribulations in life. 
Khichdi explained in one simple word is a look at the lighter side of an Indian joint family. And the same, explained in many words, is what the content of the program shall incorporate. This programme aims at being a weekly soap which in dramatically funny. The faces shall remain on large problem Independence. But the content shall dwell on the smaller issues of life . There is no legacy of any empire, so no business fueds take place.
However, conquering the one and only bedroom shall be a major issue. The good woman has a bad side and the bad woman is just great. They are Grey people with whom the audience can laugh, cry, and hugely identify Khichdi is a collage of characters from regular daily soaps but after their shooting gets over in other words its an incite to the ultimate paradoxical funny, scary and only hypocrite on earth . The human being. And if its an urban Indian human being? AH the better to entertain you with.

Cast :

Anang Desai as Bapuji
Rajiv Mehta as Praful 
Supriya Pathak Kapur as Hansa
Vandna Pathak as Jayshree
Jamnadas Majethia(JD) as Himanshu



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