Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai
Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai ( is inspired by the Gujarati novel Ek Daal Meethi written by Sahitya Akademi award winner, Late Dhiruben Patel) the show is the journey of a girl who refuses to let her family suffer the consequences of paying a huge dowry, to get her married to the man she loves. Nandini dares to demand the dowry back and gets it… in the bargain, she loses the relationship with the only man she has ever loved – her husband Naren. Her struggle continues as she stands up against traditions (rivaaj) of our patriarchal society and carve out a new life for herself, her child and the family of her maayka. In spite of their separation, she remains connected to her husband, as they co-parent their child. Their yearning for each other is mutual. They are torn apart by their principles and their conflicting loyalties, but their bond of love is unbreakable. In a society where each branch of a tree is bitter, the two love birds seek one sweet branch (ek daal meethi) to rest on…

The journey of our protagonist examines some anti-women traditions that are deep rooted in our social structure and how nobody dares to challenge them. The notion that a woman’s worth is lesser than a man, that she is property or a creature to be controlled… that she has no right to speak up against injustice done to her or her family or take any action that can shake up patriarchy is challenged by our protagonist. She is smart, intelligent, well read and most importantly, courageous enough to take a stance. She is emotional and romantic, she is a wholesome feminine woman who stands up for herself and her loved ones.

The show is a huge canvas to examine such customs and rituals, practices and traditions, right from dowry to why women of a family are expected to eat only after men finish their food. Our protagonist questions these traditions and seeks an answer without any bias. How a modern young woman deals with injustice to herself and others in the name of tradition (rivaaj) is a story which can resonate with millions of young women in our country and make our protagonist an inspirational role model.


Actor's Name  Character 
Meera Deostahle Nandini 
Sejal Shah  Mani Mami
Jagat Rawat  Ishwar Mama
Meet Joshi  Mitesh 
Zafar Khan  Naren Ratansi 
Meenal Patel  Ansuya 
Dharmesh Vyas  Hemraj 


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