Mahi Sagar - a story of love and passion


It says that when river Mahi got stuck between mountain valley and could not proceed to meet her soul Sagar (Ocena), that time Sagar came forward to Mahi river to meet and took her with him. And since then river is named Mahi Sagar... 

Mahi, protagonist girl who lives in Vera Khaadi village near Anand in Gujarat loves to enjoy life fully - whole world celebrates success but Mahi loves to celebrate failure also... she says, kisi bhi pariksha mein aap paas ho ki na ho par zindagi ki pariksha mein kabhi fail nahin hona chahiye... motherless 20 year old Mahi doesn't know any household work and that gives her father a tension as he wants her to be a girl which every in laws dream for....! but Mahi is very adamant about her wish to learn household chaos from her would be mother in-law.

Sagar who is a son of famous politician of Ahmedabad - Ansuya Mehta,a diehard politician . Ansuya herself is a phd in politics subject, her husband Rajeev Mehta lives in Germany - he works for World Bank - he is very big economist... Sagar's elder brother is software engineer - Sagar's bhabhi is M.Pharm. Sagar, who has done MBA in LONDON - comes to Vera Khaadi for his project "MERE DESH KI DHADKAN" - and meets Mahi who is celebrating holi in Navratri time and starts liking & loving her ignoring she is educational failure and appreciating that she has passed exams of life at various time. He also get married to her as Mahi's father's is dying and wants to see his daughter settle before he dies...! 

Will Mahi mange to adjust herself at her in-laws place ? Will Mahi accept the culture of he r inlaws which is of hypocrisy and synthetic nature or she will opt for another way of living which she lived...? Will relationship between Mahi and Sagar will remain same or will get stressful with circumstances and situations? 

Cast :

Dharti Bhatt as Mahi
Sandit Tiwari as Sagar 
Anahita Jahabaksh as  Ansuya Mehta
Ankur Malhotra as Rohit Mehta
Namrata Dhameja as Soniya Mehta
Anjana Makwana  asPinky, Servant
Pravin Asthana as Pravin, Servant
Bharat Thakkar as Mahi’s Father 


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