Main Office Tere Aangan Ki

Main Office Tere Aangan Ki is a sitcom that portrays the humorous aspects of professional and personal life colliding heads-on.
Darshan Mehta is the owner of Rachna Advertising Agency, who has had to shift office to his home to reduce overhead expenses. Neither his
office staff, nor his family is happy with the move. Darshan's family consists of his father- retired School Teacher Brijmohan Mehta, his widowed Buaji Rajnibala, his younger sister Ritu and his affectionate but hotheaded wife Rachna.
Rachna is quite conservative and always seeks to 'protect' Darshan from the beautiful females working with the agency. She is particularly averse to her husband's sultry secretary Archana. Darshan's bungling manager Pritam Modi, moody copywriter Mitesh and a sly peon form the rest of the office staff. They too have their own grudges against the office working from boss' home.
Though Darshan manages to settle down the staff in a new environment, the hazards of converting his home into an office are never ending. The office staff is horrified by pressure cookers whistling during presentations, family members trooping around in night suits who disturb meetings with clients and pesky neighbours who drop in at most inopportune moments to borrow something.
The family's travails are no less. Rachna is aghast to know that the staff will share her bathroom and Brijmohan gets furious when he is locked out of his own room by the copywriter who needs some privacy. Ritu is annoyed by the office staff disturbing her own market research work from home. The wily Buaji is the only one who can think of taking any advantage of this situation.
Buaji, along with Rachna, .can now keep an eye on Darshan constantly. She also hopes that some of his clients will use her STD PCO that is adjacent to the office and thus contribute to her income.
Of course, Buaji does not think only about furthering her own interests. She dispenses advice freely to Darshan and his clients. Buaji's crony Mohan Mirchi, a small time local don, is also equally enthusiastic about securing new clientele for Darshan 'Bhaiya' by his unique methods and often lands Darshan in embarrassing situations.
With a 'friend' like Mohan Mirchi and his over zealous aunt, Darshan hardly needs any enemies, but destiny has still bestowed upon him Lucky Solanki, the owner of his rival Lucky Advertising Agency. Lucky is a former colleague who despises Darshan and is always scheming to lure away clients from his agency.
The ad agency survives because of its two major clients - Rosie Cola and Bugle Bags. Darshan has to keep Rosie Cola's marketing manager Sanjay Sharma happy at all costs, because of the hefty retainer his company pays. Sanjay acts like a tyrant and expects all sorts of favours, but Darshan always sees to it that his company does not tie up with Lucky's agency. Bugle Bags, on other hand, is a family firm owned by a Marwari and the owner Jogiram develops a soft corner for Buaji, whose decisions he accepts blindly.
Jogiram is a rare client who prefers the homely atmosphere of the agency. Others balk at the thought of working with an ad agency whose signboard is often used to dry clothes on. Lucky takes full advantage of the situation. He puts down Darshan and tries to persuade his his father's advise on taxation often unsettle his clients. He also has to deal with Buaji's unwarranted advice, Rachna's suspicions and the disasters created by Pritam Modi, as he tries to steer his agency towards success. Amidst all these, he tries to cut costs and find new clientele. But his full time job, of course, is to maintain peace between his inefficient staff and his resentful family, whose never-ending squabbles enliven the atmosphere in 'Main Office Tere Aangan Ki.'

Cast :

Anang Desai
Rajiv Mehta 
Vaishali Thakker



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