Mera Naam Karegi Roshan

Concept :

This story is the soul of Ramayan,  placed in the backdrop of Ayodhya , where a 20 year old girl Reet idolises  Lord Ram ..Samman pur is a small town,  a few kilometres from Ayodhya , in which A Landlord Thakur Veer Pratap Singh is worshipped as  a father figure like Raja Dashrath ..Unlike Thakur saaheb his sons Kunwar Kuldeep and Rajveer are a reflection of today’s Ravan,  who have created lanka in the heart of Ayodhya .. Like Ravan , Kunwar Kuldeep also believes that power and money are synonyms to each other ..  Petrol Pump , Cable network , Hero Honda agency , Tractor agency , Maruti car agency , Railway contracts , everything is being controlled  by him . He has  political ambitions and to prove his muscle power,  he is  always surrounded by hordes of armed   supporters … Younger Brother Rajveer , a diplomat by nature and an Engineer by profession has his own mean plans to set up medical and dental college by demolishing the very first rice mill constructed by his own father , who is emotionally attached to it .. Reet the youngest daughter of thakur sahib learns her first lesson of Ramayan , where thakur sahib tells her that Lord Rama obeyed his father and went to the jungle for 14 years .. from the age of 7 Reet obeys every wish of her father . Emotionally devastated and completely let down by his sons deeds , thakur sahib passes away , leaving behind a death wish.. he snatches the right to light his pyre from his sons and gives this authority to reet .. Mother was shocked to hear this will, as she thinks that this will completely ruin the image of her son.. But Reet accepts her father’s last wish , despite fully knowing that this will lead to a very dangerous situation  .. For her , to obey  father’s wish is like doing what Ramayan teaches . Kunwar becomes angry and mad after hearing that Reet is ready to light the pyre of Thakur,  because for him it is like his social and political death ..  the odds are against Reet but at this crucial juncture a messiha comes to her rescue .. Inspector Yagya , the encounter specialist ..  the bold , dynamic and fearless officer who has no one to lose .. since  he grew up as an orphan ..  A huge gathering of people , Media persons are shocked to see Reet at Thakur saaheb’s pyre , lot of drama happens , kunwar tries his best to stop Reet, but eventually with the help of Insp. Yagya,  Reet finally succeeds in lighting the pyre of Thakur sahib.  Out and down Kunwar  declares war against his own sister .. Entire family gathers around him,  as no one can dare  oppose him , now they leave behind reet in old haveli and move to another one  .. Now Reet not only has to survive alone  but also has to protect the life of  entire mazdoor brigade of burnt rice mill , being a policeman Yagya can’t  always be  with Reet ,  he brings a trained police dog .. who smartly protects Reet whenever Yagya is  not around ..  Yagya creates a laxman rekha around old haveli and challenges Kuwnar to cross it .. now it’s a full fledged war between brother and sister .. both bhabhis are in difficult situation as they can’t open their mouth and take Reet’s side .. How Reet wins over her bhabhis is an interesting part of this story.. finally three vulnerable and weak women caged in  old haveli fight  the mighty and  powerful men of New haveli.. they  set their evil Lanka on fire and win the battle..
once again it proves that good always defeats evil … . 

Cast : 

Vikram Gokhale as Thakur Veer Pratap
Yaspal Sharma as Kunwar Kulddep
Lubna Salim as Jasoda
Sanaa Shaikh as Reet
Aniriddh Dave as Rajveer Singh
Sheetal Dabholkar as Aishwarya
Anupama Singh as Kaushlya
Sufi Malhotra as Puneet
Nishant Shaukeen as Lochan



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