Mrs. Tendulkar

Baburao apte sahakari bank employee's colony is a small world of its own. Needless to say that when your colleagues are your neighbors familiarity does become a bit overbearing. But these occupants are a different breed. They have become so used to each others presence that they almost live like one big neighborly family in one quaint colony. Comprising of a largely maharashtrian crowd there is an odd gujarati and a north Indian family but they too have adjusted to the middle class ways of their majority neighbors. They are all content, cutely gossipy lovingly interfering and everybody knows almost everything about everybody. Almost non dynamic and complacent these colony members live a moderately conservative and conformist lifestyle. While they do have a stray dominating wife or a compulsive borrower on the whole they lead a simple relatable life with all its lovable trappings. One fine day a new family moves into their colony and as luck would have it this family unintentionally brings in that one dreaded word....CHANGE!
The man of the house Mr. Tendulkar happens to be a domesticated house husband and the lady happens to be the manager of the bank! This nearly amounts to blasphemy as the rules of life begin to change. Mrs. and Mr. Tendulkar have a mission. She has to resurrect the bank and he has to handle the family. She has to bring the bank to a respectably profitable position while simultaneously helping him to learn the ropes of domestic life. He has to pursue his reasonably successful writing career while supporting his wife's flourishing career and bring up 3 adolescent children one of whom is a teenage daughter! Understandably a tough task for both. How the tendulkars cope with the resistance from the colony residents, how they eventually make them accept change, how the tendulkars become a part of the colony , how the symbiosis between the complacent conformists and the emancipated non conformists creates a lovable conflict which eventually emerges into a beautiful truce is what our show comprises of..... and they decide to live happily till whenever they can, accepting each others imperfections ( which are quite a few, thankfully ) and they go on living thus!


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