Naya Mahi Sagar

As time passes by, every relationship dries up a little, but the one ever-green relationship that always remains spicy is that of a Mother-In-Law and Daughter-In-Law.
After completing 400 successful episodes on Big Magic, the new Season of Mahi Sagar is ready to offer a roller costar ride of Comedy, Emotions, Thrill and over all Entertainment.
The latest and the most exciting value addition to this series will be… The very notorious ghost of Ansuya’s Mother-In-Law, who comes alive from her bust. Only Mahi can see and hear the crazy ghost of Ansuya’s Mother-In-Law. The back-story of this bust is that it was installed at Ansuya’s village and Mahi brings her (the bust) home in the first episode of Season 2. Later after a series of comical encounters, Mahi discovers the Ghost of Durga Devi.
So now… Mehta House has three ladies of different-different generations. As a mother-in-law, Ansuya dominate Mahi… And as a Ghost, Durga Devi tries to comically trouble Ansuya by making Mahi a catalyst.
The characters of Ansuya is almost re-defined in this second series of Mahi Sagar. Now Ansuya is an ultra modern, prim and proper kind of lady. The comical part about her characterization is that she has a attitude of “I am always right and I know everything”. She fakes perfectionism in a comical way.
On the contrary, Mahi has now become even more Desi and rural by attitude and nature. Now she gets trapped in funny situations even more, because Ghost of Durga Devi often plays a prank over Ansuya and Mahi gets blamed for that.
As before, every now and then… Sagar gets sandwiched between his mother and wife. Also Sagar has started a new Departmental Store, called “Hindi Cheeni Bhai Bhai” in which he sells all kinds of weird funny Chinese products.
In short… Mahi Sagar Season 2 has a “Double Dose of Saas Bahu” and “Double Dose of Entertainment”.
Ketki Dave as Dadi saas (Diwadiben)
Pranoti Pradhan as Ansuya
Sandit Tiwari as Sagar
Dhari Bhatt as Mahi
Ankur Malhotra as Rohit
Namrata Dhamecha as Soniya
Sunil Savra as Pauna


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