Pushpa Impossible

Pushpa Impossible

Concept Note

The Story is about a feisty middle-aged woman having studied until class 9 in a gujarati medium school going back to school at the age of 42!
Pushpa Patel is boisterous, uncouth, impulsive, hardworking and an endearingly loveable mother of three children.

Hailing from a small town Patan in Gujarat and now residing at Bapodra Chawl in Mumbai.

The show is a peek into her day-to-day struggles, her small victories, her Juggad, her shortcomings, and her constant pursuit of living it up, her resilience while struggling as a full-time mother and part time business woman.

The show unfolds like an autobiography of a mother.

A mother who decides to go back to school and change her life by impacting many lives!

It is an entertaining journey of Pushpa from being a victim of circumstance to becoming a victor through her hard work and belief…and from being uneducated to becoming a graduate and an entrepreneur, employing women who seek identity and respect!

The show addresses this core need of seeking respect and identity.

Pushpa is our lens through which we enter into a microcosm of a world where many such women/girls lacking opportunities in either education, or building careers or facing gender disparity, or finding love… exist quietly. Experiencing various forms of societal taboos restricting their flight and eventually burying their desires and aspirations under the carpet above which lies responsibilities of raising a family and decorating dreams of their immediate loved ones. In the process, never being able to achieve what they secretly dream!

Pushpa is a classic underdog.

Through her journey, she becomes the torchbearer, an inspiration for many like her to believe in fighting and rekindling that entrepreneurial spirit lying untapped by fighting hard, against all odds, and never losing hope!


Character Name
Karuna Pandey Pushpa Patel
Naveen Pandita Ashwin Patel
Darshan Gurjar Chirag Patel
Deshna Duggad Rashi Patel
Garima Parihar Deepti Parikh
Sarita Joshi Radha Kaku
Bhakti Rathod Sonal Parikh
Sachin Parikh Manish Parikh
Amish Tanna Mahendrabhai
Tulika Patel Sushila Bapodra
Jayesh Barbhaya Narhari Bapodara
Mansi Jain Ashavari Joshi
Kavita Jadhav Mrs Joshi


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