Resham Dankh

This is story of a happy family which was happy once upon a time. Story begins with Aditya Balraaj giving himself up to the police and stating in the court of law that he indeed has committed a murder with intent. The court itself gets extremely baffled as nobody had expected Aditya to confess his crime and there were all possible preparations made for him to get bailed but Aditya had confessed. As soon as Aditya returns to his prison cell he decides to write his memoirs and through the memoirs he start getting into the story off happy family, Aditya Balraaj's happy family. 
Aditya Balraaj and Divya Balraaj are a happy couple who get blessed with the news of a child after eight years of marriage, the entire family goes into celebratory mood until the child turns out to be still born but as luck would have it the still born child gives signs of life just when it is about to be buried a miracle happens and the child which had been declared dead comes alive. The miracle changes Aditya and his entire family's life to the extent that a doting father becomes so paranoid about his child that he leaves everything aside in order to spend time and devote his entire lifetime to his miracle baby. Divya, a dutiful wife, tries to make him understand his folly and he puts him back on track slowly and surely Aditya juggles his domestic responsibilities, his love for his child and his professional life in such a dept manner returns out to be one of the most promising entrepreneurs in India. 
Not a moment is lost when the family is not surprised by his special qualities of the gifted child called Dev Aditya Balraaj and all these moments make Aditya happier and happier until one fine day little Dev realizes that the profession in which his father is, is absolutely against the value system that Dev himself has created for him. Dev believes in complete non violence and gets affected even if a small insect is crushed by mistake and Aditya as luck would have it manufactures silk for which millions and millions of silk worms cocoons get destroyed , when this truth dawns upon little Dev he Is devastated and finds his father an extremely cruel man, in order to pacify his child Aditya takes a very drastic step and gives up the manufacturing of silk. 
His huge empire slowly starts crumbling and the entire family which is completely depended on him starts getting worried .The child which had brought immense joy to the family suddenly becomes an unintentional villain in the picture. A time comes when the family is actually on the verge of bankruptcy when Aditya discovers a formula of manufacturing the same quality of silk without the silk worms.
A new era starts in the history of silk manufacturing and his empire flourishes again but this new empire causes great trouble for those who are manufacturing silk in the normal, natural and the traditional process, slowly and surely all those who are at a loss and all those who cannot compete with Aditya's new silk decide to form a syndicate and stop his enterprise in order to save their own interests. And in the course of the happenings they realize that in order to handicap Aditya the best thing to be done is to finish off Dev because that's where all the energies of Aditya lies and a brutal and merciless manner little Dev is murdered. Aditya's only aim in life is now is to find out the killer, find out the person who so brutally has murdered his little child and his open life. How Aditya finds out who the killer is, how Aditya decides to avenge his child's death by believing in the philosophy of an eye for an eye and how ultimately the love for non violence that little Dev had inculcated in Aditya the emerges and stops Aditya from committing a crime most heinous. How Aditya metamorphosis's a noble soul into a devil and back to a noble soul with the help of philosophy that Dev reaches is the crocks of this social thriller.

Cast : 

Rahil Azmi as Aditya Balraj
Mouli Ganguli as Divya
Apra Mehta
Sulbha Deshpandey 


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