Sarabhai VS Sarabhai # Take 2 Awaited

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Take 2 ends, Monisha sends divorce papers to Sahil

In the last episode of Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Take 2, Rosesh is seen crying at his home while Monisha tries to calm him down. She tells him but they actually benefitted out of it as they got goodies - butter, bread and melamine crockery in return.

She is at her hilarious best when she says that.

Rosesh is upset that his mom didn't leave the ad for her son. Indravadhan tells everyone that how Maya has signed 5 more ads.

Just then Jasmine walks in and Rosesh tells everyone that he is leaving everyone.

And in her funny English Jasmine tells Rosesh that her 'orgasmic' farm is waiting for them. This leaves everyone in splits.

Maya gets a call from Prahlad and she leaves for her shoot. Maya is seen crying when Monisha insists her on having some food. She shows her the plate which has a piece of left over pizza, batata vada and dal. This kills Maya's apetite.

Maya's grandson Arnab tries to cheer her up and asks her to do Sports Day practice with him. Arnab says until Rosesh chacha returns he will be Maya's Rosesh and recites a poem.

The next morning Maya is seen enjoying at Arnab's Sports Day and how she had fun.

She again makes fun of Monisha that how he would have squeezed the lemon after the race.

Later they realise that they forgot Arnab somewhere. Both of them blame each other and Sahil gets angry.

Rosesh doesn't talk to his mother and they all panic.

Maya again starts making fun of Monisha.

Jasmine enters the home and starts telling everyone how there is a gang who is kidnapping young children and turning them into beggars.

This is when Arnab returns home and he tells everyone that he was at his friend's place. He had taken permission from Maya.

Maya starts crying saying she forgot to tell Monisha. She informs everyone that she has been taken pills for depression because Rosesh has left them.

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