Sarabhai VS Sarabhai # Take 2

Concept :

The quintessential uber class south Mumbai family with the matriarch with a stiff upper lip and a scythe in place of a tongue , and her wonderfully middle class daughter in law, are back. Of course , with indravadan, rosesh, saahil, madhu fufa, dushyant and Sonya. In this series like its first season, the characters and their idiosyncrasies collide with each other and generate generous dollops of inventive humor. Basically the show is about class conflict, likes and dislikes conflict and the underlying conflict of different schools of thought.

In fact in this season the interpersonal sarabhai vs sarabhainess will delve a bit deeper in order to create fresher conflicts and therefore fresher humor. What with a grandchild in the house ( saahil and monishas precocious son ORNOB) , maya and monisha will now argue over his upbringing. In fact saahil and indravadan will have more differences. Rosesh remains a poor frustrated bachelor but with a twist. He now will have a I CALL A SPADE A SPADE girlfriend, jasmine, Who will be Maya's nemesis.

Sarabhai vs sarabhai season 2 is the depiction of temperamental differences in an affluent household , where the differences are what cause the actual mirth. This season of ten episodes will have a linear movement and although there will be a gamut of conflicts covered, there will be a sense of WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?, in the story telling from episode to episode. Therefore there will be a constant linear progress and instead of individual standalone episodes, we shall create a compendium of chapters which will reach a big cliffhanger in the tenth episode. As the episodes unfold, the interpersonal relationships will show a gradual growth. With all the madness and fun intact. In fact with a lot more of it.

Cast :
Satish Shah as Indravadan Sarabhai
Ratna Pathak Shah as Maya Sarabhai
Sumeet Raghavan as Sohil Sarabhai
Rupali Ganguli as Monisha Sarabhai
Rajesh Kumar as Roshesh Sarabhai
Ashiwarya Sakhuja as Soniya Sarabhai
Deven Bhojani as Dushyant
Arvind Vaidya as Madhufufa
Vaibhavi Upadhyay as  Jasmin Mavani

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