Concept :
Shree is a story of a timid, naive and fearful girl Shree who lives in a village called Janakpur. Her life revolves around her family and the village. But her life takes a turn when Hari, a guy from Mumbai enters in her life. Hari falls madly in love with her but she does not know the meaning of love yet. Hari's love for Shree goes to such heights that he puts sindoor forcibly in her maang. In a moment, Shree's life is changed and she has to accept that she is now a married woman. Shree comes to Mumbai with Hari. But life does not go easy for her as she has to face a lot of resistance in the new house. Gradually, she is accepted by the family. Even her grudges against Hari get washed out and she feels now that she is in love with Hari. She accepts Hari as her husband. But before consummation can happen, something comes in between their love. What is this? It is actually a spirit of a girl which hovers around Hari. The spirit loves Hari so much that she cannot bear any other girl in Hari's life. Shree is the most fearful girl but she accepts the challenge of A this spirit to save her husband, Hari and his family from the wrath of this spirit. What is she going to do now is what takes the story further in another phase.
The show is produced by Hats Off Productions Pvt. Ltd who are venturing in this genre for the first time. It is written by Jayesh Patil and directed by Ankush Mohla, Deepesh Shah and Manish Khandelwal. The duo Jayesh-Ankush is remembered for its show "Who" which came many years back. Everyone involved with 'Shree' , which brings a new way of storytelling for first time in television arena is hoping for its success and time will decide.

Cast :

Amit Singh Thakur as Tribhuvan Raghuvanshi
Rupa Divetia as Sumati Taghuvanshi
Falguni Desai as Damyanti Raghuvanshi
Jiten Lalwani as Anantrai Raghuvanshi
Shalmali Toyle as Madhu bhabhi
Ujjwal Chopra as Darshan Raghuvanshi
Trishna as Nikita 
Pankaj Singh Tiwari as Hari
Wasna Ahmed as Shree
Mehul Buch as Pujari 
Vibha Anand as Kangna


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