Sukh By Chance

Concept :

Sukh by Chance is the story of today's middle class Gujarati joint family. The said family lives contain full life with the minimum financial requirements.   
One day by chance they discover that someone has deposited Rs.3.33 crores in their bank account.  
And the drama unfolds and we see the changing faces of human kind. This will be depicted in humors way. 
Along with the main track other several interesting tracks will be woven dramatically.  
Apart from this, there will be a under current track which will deal with the eternal conflict between the system of arrange marriage and love marriage. This will be shown in humorous and funny way.
This is the story of Mehta family and how they get involved in to the comic- bizarre situations.
The story of Sukh By Chance revolves around the family members of Mehta Khandan.
Mohan, Mahesh and Madhusudan are three brothers and are living in their ancestral house. All three Mehta’s are married and having their own unique family. Though there is a vast difference in their natures but they love each other and lives amicably under one roof.
Most important and unusual part of this Mehta Khandan is that, that they are having one joint bank account and is looked and operated by senior Mehta that is Mohanbhai.
Mohan is working in the small office and is living content full life. One day Mohan goes to the bank to withdraw money for nephew’s college fees. He comes back home and gives pass book and money to his wife Veena. As Veena looks in to the passbook she was surprise to see the balance figure. It was showing the balance of Rs 3.33 Crores
Both Mohan and Veena gets shocked to see the huge amount into their family’s joint bank account. When Mohan goes to the bank and enquires about the mistake in his passbook, manager tells him that there was no mistake on the bank part. Mohan returns back and tells his wife that some unknown person had deposited this huge sum  in to their family’s joint account and money belongs to them.
Mohan seeks advise of his advocate friend and he decides to use little amount from his account. The whole family goes to the shop and they bring new colour TV. Children were happy and surprised with the purchase of new TV set. All enjoys the watching programmes on new TV. In the late night Mohan receives a phone call. The caller was female and she tells Mohan that still there is a huge amount unspent in their joint bank account.
Mohan could not sleep the whole night as he was baffled. Mehta family could not understand that who on the earth could give them this surprised gift.
The story will move with pace and new turns and twists will stunned the audience.
It will be interesting to see that after receiving Rs. 3.33 Crores what happens in to Mehta’s family. Sukh By chance is a social comedy of today’s Indian and will be loved by audience as it will depict their life.

Cast :

Sanjiv Jotangia as Mohan
Bharati Patil as Sarla
Ketkie as Tina
Shyam Pathak as Dheeraj
Shreya More as Kokila 
Ujjwal Chopra as Rajesh
Upasna Shukla as Rajni
Anuj Thakur as Amit
Krishna Kant as Aakash 

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