Wagle Ki Duniya . Nayi Peedhi, Naye Kissey

Wagle Ki Duniya . Nayi Peedhi, Naye Kissey
The Concept Note
Wagle ki nayee Duniya is a refreshing bouquet of little stories of new age simple people fighting the daily battles of life with their wit, humor and positivity . The show brings in fresh perspective for modern middle-class families not only to survive but to emerge victorious in day to day challenges. The show emphasizes that the family values and togetherness is a timeless virtue and that good things happen to good people. Rajesh Wagle represents the middle class Indian standing at the cusp of making it better in life. This is about simpleton Rajesh and his world where characters are grappling with rapidly changing world around them. They have their flaws, their weaknesses, differences of opinions , yet they all believe in one thing , "making good memories every day is the best way of living life". Every day in Wagale Ki Duniya brings in some or the other real life situation arising out of surroundings or their own idiosyncrasies , and all hell breaks loose when they try to battle the situation ,But their honesty , their unique ways to solve things and never say die optimism brings out best in them and they conquer the situation .


Cast                              Character 

Aanjjan Srivastav         Srinivas Wagle
Bharati Acharekar        Radhika Wagle
Sumeet Raghvan         Rajesh Wagle
Pariva Pranati              Vandana Wagle
Chinmayee Salvi         Sakhi Wagle
Sheehan Kapahi          Atharv Wagle


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