Khichdi The Movie - Concept

Hansa and Himanshu's father lies on his deathbed, but takes a long time to die. He almost enjoys his death. Before dying he asks Babuji to help Himanshu fulfil his solitary dream, which is, to fall in love with a pretty girl and have a great legendary love story. Jayshree takes the baton from Babuji and begins her mission. Hansa and Praful do everything possible to aggravate the situation. Effortlessly and so inspite of several attempts Himanshu fails to get a girlfriend, let alone have a great love story. And after many a ridiculous escapades Himanshu gets an alliance. That of his next door neighbour Parminder. Parminder and Himanshu quickly fall in love and decide to get married. Both families are happy about the alliance. But on the day of the marriage Himanshu realizes that his uneventful marriage would mean a poor love story. A love story without any ups and downs bereft of any twists and turns or drama. And so the crazy Parekh family decides to stall the marriage. And they decide to create drama and separation and all the classic ingredients that make a love story great. And in doing so, they create madness and mayhem wherever they go...ultimately putting them in quite a complicated soup. How they manage to get out of this one and how they eventually unite Himanshu and Parminder makes up a ridiculous climax to the ridiculous story.